The Need to Recycle Plastic

In today’s modern age, we seem to be using too much plastic to make products. Perhaps the two biggest problems are that firstly, we use too many plastic bottles for various products and secondly, we do not recycle enough of it. The use of plastic has increased so much that although only 1% of all waste in 1960, more than 12% of waste today is plastic.

Although there are not enough products today that are made from recycled plastic, those that are, are possibly not being bought as often as they should. An example of this is that some garden and patio furniture is made from recycled plastic and despite recycled plastic garden chairs 2015 have a myriad of designs and styles, people still opt to choose to buy wooden furniture for use outside. Even if a piece of wooden garden furniture has a better design than any of the recycled plastic furniture, the fact that the wooden furniture will have to be replaced as it gets mouldy or rots, should mean that the recycled plastic furniture be bought as it is far more longer lasting and is able to keep its same look year after year, not deteriorating in any way.

If everybody did buy only recycled furniture for their garden and even their patios though, that alone would not have the desired effect on the increasing amount of plastic that is being discarded. What needs to happen is that other items need to be made from recycled plastic, enough to account for all the plastic used for plastic bottles. Whilst environmentalists and manufacturers are trying to find more products though, we can do our part by buying garden furniture that is made from recycled plastic. We should perhaps also look at any other furniture that is made from recycled plastic. We may not particularly want plastic furniture of any description in our living rooms as it may look out of place but, in other rooms recycled plastic furniture mat be the right furniture to in fact have. A bathroom for instance, needs furniture that can stand up to being made wet, which of course recycled plastic can. A tough and versatile form of furniture is ideal for use in the kitchen and few materials make furniture tougher or more versatile than recycled plastic. There are a whole range of chairs that are either made entirely of recycled plastic or at least have an element of recycled plastic in them and one of these will certainly be strong enough to take the weight of whomever you may invite to dinner.

Because of the increasing amount of plastic waste that is produced today, we should perhaps all look at recycled plastic objects before we hurriedly rush to buy a similar item that is made from a different material. Plastic waste has become a huge problem and is one that continues to grow and although we cannot stop the problem on our own, if we all bought recycled plastic as our first choices, it may make a difference.