The Best Florists in Durban

The best florists in Durban provide specialized services and timely delivery of fresh arrangements and gift hampers. These days, florists are centers for custom gift baskets for every occasion and for beautiful bouquets containing both indigenous flowers and exotics. They deliver when promised, too, so that special moments remain special, rather than being disappointing.

Deliveries From the Best Florists in Durban

Usually, florists do not promise exact time for deliveries, other than for funerals or weddings. When you request a specific time of delivery, the florist can usually deliver in that general time frame. However, holidays are rushed in such a manner that they will schedule deliveries according to routes, rather than times, unless business hours must be considered. The best florists in Durban will schedule deliveries to businesses during working hours, but cannot guarantee times.

The date of delivery, however, is usually guaranteed. Florists hire extra delivery services during peak times, such as Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Most of them will even guarantee same-day delivery if you place your order before noon.

Special Occasions

Florists are called upon to deliver bouquets and arrangements to that special someone, or to a special occasion. Some of the best florists also provide the bouquets, boutonnieres, pew flowers, and other special flowers for weddings. Sometimes, 100% fresh flowers are used, and in other situations, the bride may request the flowers to be done ahead of time in silk, and accented with live blooms when the wedding date arrives.

Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and corporate events also call for special arrangements and special gifts. Do you have customers or relatives in Durban? You can order the delivery of the perfect floral arrangement or gift hamper, and trust that the best florists will deliver exactly what you order.

Not Just Flowers

Florists provide a number of services to their customers. Not only do they make your weddings beautiful, bring a touch of class to your corporate events, and express your sympathies at funerals, they can create great gift hampers for every occasion.

Gift hampers are appropriate for any occasion that would welcome flowers, and many that wouldn’t. For example, a bouquet of flowers may be overkill at an already sumptuous baby shower, but a gift hamper for mommy and baby would be perfect.

Or, perhaps the man of the house would simply raise an eyebrow at a bouquet of flowers on Father’s Day, but would really appreciate a “Man Crate” stocked with a couple of bottles of gourmet wine and an assortment of nuts and chocolates. Or, maybe the man in your life would like a hamper with Biltong, Klippies, and Coke. The best florists in Durban can put together any combination you want, and they will deliver it in attractive packaging.

You can go online to find out what each florist offers. This especially helps with orders from out of the area. Florists in Durban are always coming up with something new.