How To Create Your Bio Or About Us Page

To be able to attract your customers, you have to make sure that you have superior quality work and that you also know how to market yourself. As a best Wedding photographer Bay area, you need to make sure that your website is filled with useful content. One page that people who are looking for a wedding photographer don’t fail to see is the biography of the photographer of the website. You have to write a great bio page on your website to be able to attract more customers.

The bio or about page tells more about yourself. It is your way of introducing yourself to anyone who is visiting your site. It is your way to communicate with them and you don’t actually need it to be very long because you can just use a couple of sentences to tell them what you really want to say.
One mistake that photographers make when creating their bio is that they tend to tell a lot. They have paragraphs of sentences that don’t actually tell about their services. People who visit your photography website are in the search of a great photographer to hire and that is what you should always keep in mind.

Most of time, answering the questions Who, What, Where, When, Why and How can help you make a great bio. Don’t overdo it and just keep it simple like the ones found below.

For the “Who” part, you can simply state your name, your credentials and experience, if you have any. Some people insert certain information that are meant to convince the clients that you are perfect for the job. An example of this would be telling that you are a mom and you are patient with children when you offer kid’s photography. You can also elaborate on how you love to photograph weddings when you are a wedding photographer. A couple of sentences should be enough.

The “What” part will talk about your best offer. You can talk about your strengths and skills that most photographers don’t have. The “Where” would tell where you offer your services. Do you offer it locally or can they get you even if they live in another state? Would you be willing to commute or travel just to provide them with your services? Clear this out properly so that people in your locality can easily find you.

The “When” part would give out your schedule or business hours. It could also give information on the type of photography you shoot. Are weddings your specialty or can you also do family portraits on the side?

When you get to the “Why” part, you can explain why you photograph people. Is this something that you’ve always wanted or is it the only way you can support your family? You can also use this part to push a target audience to like you even more. You can tell them about your favourite part of the wedding or how you love to instruct the couple on what to do to capture a sweet moment. Lastly, the “How” part is when you explain the different techniques you do in order for you to take the shot. This does not have to be very long or technical, just explain in terms everyone would understand.