DIY Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance Tips

Feeling comfortable in your humble abode especially when it hot since you have an air conditioning system installed? Well, yes, you can surely feel relaxed even it’s quite hot outside your home. But then again, your AC system is just a machine and sometimes, it would malfunction. So to avoid this and to make your air conditioner last for a long time it’s best that you do maintenance procedures to avoid the cooling unit from costly repairs or in purchasing a new one. Remember, would recommend this suggestions especially when repairs are not that necessary.

To begin, you need to prepare some maintenance equipments and some of these include:

  • Screwdrivers or Hex head drivers or Socket wrench of various sizes
  • Brush (soft)
  • Small tong to pick the embedded dirt or dried leaves in the filter
  • Vacuum (if necessary)
  • Lubricant (for the fan)
  • Safety work clothes

Now after the tools and other equipments have been prepared, it is now time to clean your AC system. First is to shut down the power source by turning of the switch and removing the power chord from the main power inlet. This is to avoid you from electrocution as you open and clean the unit.

Proceed by opening the main lid using the screwdriver or the adjustable socket wrench. Be careful not to damage the main unit while opening the lid and that why you need the necessary tools. As you lift the grill and remove the other parts of the cooling system, start lubricating the cooling fan. Make sure that you lubricate the part of the fan where it needs lubrication and this can be located in the oil port.

After lubricating the fan and you’ve already removed the filter, you need to clean the coils next. Simply use a soft brush in cleaning the dirt or use a soft cleaning cloth. You may also want to spray pressurized water on the coils and make sure that you do it outside the main AC unit to avoid damage.

Now, your next target is the filter. Make sure that you remove the dirt and some dried leaves using a small stick or a tong to remove all the debris in the filter. If in case it’s already very dirty, it may need replacement and if you don’t have a replacement filter, you can check out AC repair Los Angelesand from there, you can order a new air filter.

If necessary, you may also want to straighten the bent coils and also replace the loose thread screws or the cover of the grille for a nice looking AC unit. For the condenser, you need to level it on a balanced level to make it work properly. Also, you might want to clean it as well in the exterior part.

After everything is cleaned, it’s time to put back the grille cover, the screws and make sure that you do not forget a single part while you place it back. If in case you’ve checked that the air conditioning unit is already past it’s DIY maintenance procedure and you can’t fix it then you need to contact AC repair Los Angelesand let them repair the unit fast and easy. That’s the only way you could make the unit work again. However, it is still a good idea to do a regular preventive maintenance procedure to assure the longevity of your air conditioning appliance.

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