Brighton’s Popularity

There is little doubt that although Brighton has for many years been one of Britain’s most popular seaside destinations, it still growing in popularity. This continued growth in popularity may not be because it is growing in popularity with the British people as much as it is with foreign visitors. Brighton was recently named Britain’s most popular seaside destination for foreign visitors and it is that which keeps Brighton’s popularity growing.

Back around 1730, many British believed that salt water had healing effects and so by bathing in salt water, they could avoid a large number of ailments and be cured of others. This led to many people wanting to bath in the sea and as Brighton, although then just a fishing village, had access to 8 miles of pebbled beaches; people would visit there to bath in the sea. Later, as boats to France would leave from Brighton, people also used to visit in order to board the boats and be carried to France. Still later, the soon to be King George IV, Prince Regent visited Brighton and was so impressed by the village that he visited it often and built a Royal Pavilion there. This obviously encouraged others to visit and soon Brighton had built up with rows of Georgian houses to become a town. The town continued to grow into the reign of Queen Victoria and during her reign, the West Pier and Brighton’s Palace Pier were built, as was the Grand Hotel. It was the building of the railway from London to Brighton which had the biggest effect on the numbers of visitors to the town. With the railway available, from 1841 Londoners had started to take day trips to Brighton to enjoy an escape from the city and to enjoy the miles of beaches. An ever increasing number of visitors meant that Brighton had to keep adding new attractions in order to keep them amused and so parks and amusements started to appear and Brighton had become a seaside resort enjoyed by thousands.

Today it is estimated that a total of 8 million people visit Brighton every year, making it one of Britain’s main seaside resorts with an estimated 160,000 people visiting in a single day during the peak season. Obviously in part, these high numbers are due to Brighton’s reasonably close proximity to London but just as importantly is perhaps its close proximity to London’s International airports. A friendly Brighton chauffeur can take a very short time to safely drop you off at your Brighton hotel having picked you up from the airportand of course can just as quickly drop you back at the airport in a luxury car. There is of course public transport from the airports to Brighton and that is quite efficient but there is nothing like starting a vacation in a touch of style.

As air travel makes international destinations seem much closer, the number of foreign tourists to Brighton can only be expected to increase in the coming years and Brighton will continue to develop their attractions to cater to them.