Alternatives To Your Traditional Wedding Cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most awaited part of the wedding celebration. We do not only see the wedding cake itself but we also get to see how funny the couple is when they try to give big bites of cake to their partner. It is a sweet and funny moment that plays an important part in the celebration. This is why many brides who plan their wedding make sure that they have the best wedding cakes to serve their guest. If you are looking for a baker for your wedding cake, head on to You can directly talk to the bakers there to make sure you get what you want. If you are looking for alternatives for your wedding cake, you can get inspiration from some of these alternatives.

Macaron Tower

Macarons are very popular nowadays and because of the vibrant colours they have, many are attracted to it. Some just love the macarons that they use it as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Like a cake, the macarons also have different flavours but you can also get all the flavours in a tower so that there is variety.

Stacks Of Oreo Cookies

Who doesn’t love Oreos? If you love them so much then why not just create stacks and more stacks of them to form your wedding cake alternative. It is a great alternative because your guest can easily serve themselves with the cookies. It is also to refill once all the Oreos are gone.


One of the most common alternatives to the traditional wedding cake is a cupcake. You can build a cupcake tower with the different stands. The cupcakes look really cute and it would be easy to serve them to your guest because you can just give them one each. The great thing about this is you can have different colours and flavours without worrying about mixing the different flavours.


Instead of the usual sponge cake, you can opt for a more creamy kind of cake like a cheesecake. It is also available in different flavours and it can also look as beautiful as a traditional wedding cake.

Brownie Tower

If you like chocolate but you don’t think a chocolate cake is enough for your wedding, then you could just choose to have brownies. Each piece of brownie can be served easily because they are also like cupcakes. It is also easy to decorate and it goes well with the floral design.

Fruit Tower

The healthiest alternative to your wedding cake is a fruit tower. Although it can be a challenge to make because there is a tendency for all the fruits to tumble down and fall, it is a very eye catching alternative to your cake.

These are just alternatives that you can use for the traditional cake if you really don’t want a traditional cake in your wedding. If you wish, you can still have these foods in your wedding even if you already have your traditional wedding cake. It is a creative and eye catching way to feed and entertain your guests.

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