Things You Need To Know About Bucharest

Bucharest is Romania’s capital and is now gaining popularity in being a tourist spot not because of the many wonderful natural types of scenery you can see there but because of the nightlife it has to offer. A lot of tourists are lured into going there to experience the nightclubs and how they party. Going out in Bucharest reviews can help you determine which nightclubs you should go to so you better read them first before even booking your flight.

Having more information about the place you go to will help you to be able to prepare for it. Like when looking for nightclub reviews, you should be also looking for general information about Bucharest. Although there are lots of information about it online, there may be some that you don’t really get to read. This article is created to help you know more about Bucharest and not just refer to it as a place where the alcohol beverages are cheap and the parties are awesome.

1. The Local People – The local people in Bucharest are very friendly and so you can ask them for directions or questions in case you get lost. Although Romanian is their language, many of them especially the young ones use English as their language. Most of the older ones also make use of French. It is just a mix of people who can be helpful in times of need.

2. Beggars – Although there can be quite a few in every city, there used to be many beggars in Bucharest. The thing with the beggars here is that begging for money is their job. There are children and they get your sympathy and try to use that against you. They especially go after the tourists and once they know you are one, they wouldn’t leave your side.

3. Stray Dogs – There are many stray dogs in the city and although most of them are really not that aggressive, it is better for you to stay away from them because you can never tell if they would suddenly bite you or attack.

4. The Taxi Cabs – An issue that you should know about the taxi cabs is that some of them charge way too high. If you are to ride a taxi cab, make sure that you look on the door of the taxi for the price. Most taxis will charge about a dollar per kilometer but there are still others that charge as much as 2 and a half per kilometer. When you are already in the car and the driver starts the car, you should take a look at the meter and make sure that it is on or else the driver will rip you off. It is also best for you not to ride on taxis that are waiting for you in the airports or on railway stations because their prices are higher than normal.

5. Public Transportation – You might have heard that public transportation in Bucharest can take you almost anywhere you want to go. There are lots of ways to travel through the city and it is quite affordable but many of them are full. The subway can be a great alternative although it doesn’t offer stations on some of the main areas in Bucharest.